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November Updates & Winners! - TacticalDuck - 11-29-2018

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to Novembers monthly update! We have fixed and added so much for you all this month. Joel has been working hard on making the server more stable and optimized for you all and has done a fantastic job, while I have been breaking everything including the forum and hoping Joel can fix it (Sorry Joel). I will briefly sum up what has happened this month for you in a little list!

* Fixed players not being able to move when stood on a magma block underwater (Survival)
* Added sitting on stairs and slabs (Creative)
* Fixed (and still fixing) the website (Forum)
* Crates voting glitch - Players would get more than one (Survival, Arcade, Factions)
* Added a Gamemode compass (Arcade)- Removed 'X,Y,Z' location from scoreboard (Factions)
* Added another home for members (Survival, Factions)
* Hqilz Promoted to Moderator! (Congrats Hailee from all of us!)

And the most important part this month is the winners of the monthly voting contest!

Congratulations to SebastianNZ, Kingofgames319 & Iamasink for getting the most votes this month! This months voting numbers are rather big (Thanks to the voting glitch)
In 1st Place:
SebastianNZ - 384 Votes 

In 2nd Place:
Kingofgames319 - 234 Votes

In 3rd Place:
Iamasink - 141 Votes

Congratulations to everyone and better luck next month to those who didn't quite reach the leader board this time!

See you all around!

- Duck